How to make banana cream deliciously incredible

With the current hot weather, ice cream is considered the most popular dessert dish. In particular, banana ice cream dish is easy to eat and quite attractive to taste, in addition, this ice cream also has a rather unique feature.

300ml coconut milk
Banana ripe to 5.6 fruits
The ready-made coconut fiber, 250g
Your roasted beans pound. A good tip is to make the beans crispy and fragrant rather than roasting beans with low fire, stirring them evenly. After ripe beans, wrap the beans in a newspaper and brew beans in a blanket or clothes for about 15 minutes. Make sure the roasted beans will be very crispy and easy to peel. Squeeze it gently and release it immediately.
40g and 1 vanilla pack, also known as Vanilla. A very good food for baking and processing.
Sugar 50g, filtered water 200ml, 3g salt
Depending on the amount of banana cream you want to do, you can calculate the amount of ingredients as the recipe above. It is possible to change the amount of beans, coconuts or vanilla packages as you like. Now we start working immediately.
Step 1: Make the cream part

You mix the dough into the filtered water along with the coconut milk, sugar and low salt to get a thick and viscous mixture. Then you put in a small pot and then simmer. Sometimes you stir. After the mixture is matched, you turn off the stove to cool and then pour out a large bowl. During the heating process, be careful not to burn

Step 2: Processing bananas

While waiting for the ice cream mixture to work on, you peel off the bananas. Then split the bananas vertically. Then use a handle or some cutting board in the house to press bananas and roll the bananas down.
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