5 ways to cook delicious tomato egg soup without escape

In particular, egg yolk has substances that help fight some diseases and work to protect the liver, restore liver tissue when damaged or fat. The reason for this is because the phosphalide in chicken egg yolk can help reduce inflammation. In addition, the existence of substances that help regenerate liver cells, increase immunity in egg yolk is also very beneficial for the body.


In addition, chicken egg whites contain lecithin, which helps to increase the motility of the small intestine, reduce cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis. In addition, egg whites also contain B vitamins, B2, which help to dissolve toxins, eliminate carcinogens, and enhance memory for users. Therefore, the use of this food is very good for health.

3 chicken eggs

2-3 tomatoes

2 dry onions

Scallions, coriander

Spices: Cooking oil, salt, seasoning seeds, fish sauce, pepper.


– Step 1: Tomatoes are bought, washed with water, cut off the stalks and sliced ​​the cau shape. Chicken eggs beat the shell, put the yolk and white into the bowl, stir well.

– Step 2: Scallions, coriander bring up the yellow part, clean the roots, wash with water and chop. Dried onions are peeled off, washed, crushed, chopped.

– Step 3: Put the pot on the stove, add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil to boil, add some chopped dried onion to the aroma. After that, the tomatoes are stir-fried and stirred well, adding a little salt + wedge seeds to make them soft.

– Step 4: When the tomatoes are soft, put enough water into the soup, bring to a boil. To boil for about 2 minutes for the coffee to ripen, season the seasoning to taste and let the eggs have been beaten, just use the chopsticks to stir the hands evenly so that the eggs melt.

– Step 5: You turn on the small, small fire to keep the soup from spilling and the eggs are cooked. When the pot boils, boil the scallions, cilantro into the pot, turn off the heat. Finally, the sisters scooped the soup into a bowl, sprinkling some pepper.




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