Carp fish soup cooked delicious pickles without escape

New soup for the menu with how to cook fish soup to cook pickles is very delicious for the hot summer day. Women also consult and immediately implement for their whole family to enjoy this fascinating specialty!

– Carp: 1000 g

– Pickles: 2 bowls

– Tomato: 500 g

– Green onions, laksa leaves, dill and chili

– Seasoning seeds, main noodles, fish sauce and pepper

– Lettuce, coriander, banana flower herbs served.

After you have bought the carp, you clean, continue to filter the meat sliced ​​to taste marinated with spice seasoning, sweet powder, pepper so that you eat.

– Tomato you wash, then add areca. Onion, leek, then washed, then sliced. Pickled pickles you wash through water then stir fry with cooking oil.

– Put the cooking oil in a hot pan, then put the fish ball and fry the gold evenly

– Dried onion, chopped, non-aromatic, then stir-fry tomatoes, continue to marinate fry.

– Add 2 bowls of boiling water to a medium heat boil. Boil me then filter the water and put in the pot to cook together.

– When the water is boiling, you can fry the fried fish and melon in the sauce, season the seasoning to taste and season the chili to taste.

– Boil for about 15 minutes, add a little onion then it is okay. Decorate the bowl and enjoy this dish.




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