How beautiful peach blossom

According to traditional medicine, peach blossom is calculated in a vase, bitter taste, has the effect of clearing urine, blood and laxative, is a very good skin care medicine.

Here are some methods of using peach blossom to have pinkish skin:

  1. Treat melasma

– 5 parts peach blossom, 2 part birch, 10 part ginkgo. All of them are dried, endowed with fine powder, stored in sealed containers for gradual use. Drink 3 times a day, 2g each time after a meal.

– Fresh peach blossom 150g, cucumber seeds 150g, two small mashed things mixed with honey, then apply once a day to the face, leave about 50 minutes and rinse with clean water.

– Fresh peach blossom 150g, white only 130g, soaked with 1,000ml of white wine, after 1 month, can be used, drink twice daily, 100ml each time.

– Cherry 10g, lotus 15g braking with boiling water in a closed container, after 15 minutes, use it, drink tea

instead of the day.

  1. Nourishing pink and white skin

– 200g peach blossom, 250g squash seeds, birch 100g. Dry or dry, spread flour, then mix a little white sugar and store in a sealed container for gradual use. 3 times a day, 1 teaspoon after each meal.

– Fresh peach blossom 120g soaked with 500 ml white wine, after 7 days, can be used, drink 10ml daily.

– 400g peach, 500g squash seeds, 200g tangerine peel, all dried, spread powder, twice a day, after meals. If you want to have a white skin, add the seeds of squash, if you want to have pink skin, add peach blossom. For 50 days, the white face, drink for another 50 days, the whole skin becomes white. (According to Danh y Tue Tinh in the South pharmaceutical brand name).

  1. Activated blood, laxative, wrinkles

– Dried peach blossom 150g is soaked with 1,500ml white wine, sealed mouth, after 15 days it can be used, drink twice a day, 10ml each time, and take a little bit of alcohol to spread on the face. Uses: Active blood, skin laxity and beauty; used in case of skin wrinkles and less bright.

– Peach blossom, birch, 30g each; 40g pumpkin seeds. All dried, smooth canopy, drink 2-3 times a day, each time 3g. Uses: Smoothing and brightening skin, preventing wrinkles on the face.




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