Fresh milk and banana masks help to take care of dry skin effectively

Benefits of fresh milk and bananas for dry skin With dry skin, sensitive and fragile skin, you should apply fresh milk and banana masks to recover. Thanks to its high vitamin content, abundant minerals, mild, outstanding moisturizing ability, as well as high benign, fresh milk and bananas make skin smooth and soft. Persistently apply regular light-colored skin, ruddy, reduce aging, enhance resistance and limit wrinkles.

How to make fresh milk and banana mask to help care for dry skin effectively Prepare: 3 tablespoons of fresh milk without sugar. 1 ripe banana. 1 large bowl. How to do it: The puree is pureed with banana and put in fresh milk and mix well. After that, clean your face and as soon as your skin is moist, put on a mask. Lying still for 20 minutes and taking down, use cool water to rinse. Each week, you regularly apply fresh milk and banana masks 2-3 times in the evening. After a period of 2 weeks of regular implementation, your dry skin will appear cooler and smoother than before.




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