Do you want to beautify roses?

  1. Perfume

The first use to mention when talking about roses is “rose water.” This is considered a miracle medicine for skin beauty. It has the effect of tightening pores, anti-inflammatory, swollen skin.

How to do it is simple, just soak 2 bowls of rose petals in 50ml of hot water, wait until the water is cooled. Grind or squeeze rose juice. Strain into the bottle and store it in a gradually used refrigerator.

You use rose water twice in the morning and evening after cleansing your face. Use makeup remover to soak the rose water and gently wipe it on the skin. Pat face helps absorb nutrients quickly.

  1. Rose mask.

From roses, you can create many masks with many different uses. Take care of your skin and roses to have a smooth, bright skin with some formulas below

Moisturizing mask

You use the same rose water as the above to mix with other beauty substances to increase the effectiveness of skin beauty. Mix 10 drops of rose water + 2 tablespoons of pure honey + 3 drops of vitamin E. extract Leave the mixture for 5 minutes. Rub evenly and massage on face. Using regularly 10 times a month, you will have smooth, silky skin.

Natural white nourishing mask

You can create yourself a simple natural skin whitening mask for yourself with the dried rose petals you dry or dry. Then grind finely into powder.

The recipe is as follows: You mix well 1 tablespoon of rose powder, 5 teaspoons of unsweetened fresh milk and 1 tablespoon of fine flour. Smooth over the face, let it dry and gently peel off the mask.

Use this mask mixture 3-5 times / week. You will see a marked change in your skin.

Bright white mask

Formulated with rose powder mixed with turmeric powder and fresh milk without sugar. You already have a straight-and-white matte formula right at home. Apply regularly every day to see the best results.

Mask for acne treatment

Add 10 pureed rose petals to 4 tablespoons of boiling water, soak for about 2 hours. Mix with a little honey before using. Apply this mixture within 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

So you have a great acne mask.





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