5 steps how to cook delicious grass duck porridge without smell

In delicious dishes from ducks you can not ignore porridge. Porridge is cooked relatively thin, not only delicious, easy to eat but also contains many nutrients, suitable for everyone. In some cases, porridge is a special dish for patients, people with physical weakness, pregnant women, postpartum women.

Duck porridge has delicious and nutritious ducks. It is easy to eat and process in accordance with the diet of many dieters or tonic.

Material: Duck grass 01 child, dried onion, coriander ship. Green onion, chili pepper. Roasted rice has just eaten 300g.

Duck meat after cleaning you should filter the meat, put bone into the water with roasted rice. Sliced ​​duck meat has just eaten then marinated with spices and onion is an indispensable ingredient when eating duck porridge, which has the effect of increasing the aroma and flavor for porridge. You can buy onions or make them yourself according to the following instructions:

Purple onion peeled, sliced ​​thinly and placed in a large tray, spread out on the tray evenly, put to the sun for a little wilt is okay. Next, place the pan on the stove and heat the oil and heat enough oil to cover the onions. Pour onion into the air, gently turn until you see the crispy golden onion, then scoop it out and drain the oil. When cold onions will be hard and crunchy, put them in a sealed box or plastic bag for storage, so that it will be out of the air for a long time, then the onions will quickly become dull.

So you have a delicious porridge pot




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